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Phone: (888) 888-4532
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Category: Furniture / Home Store
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  • Jamppa R.

    Shop during the week it's less crowded
  • Megan Reynolds

    Try the Swedish meatballs!!!
  • Chi Nguyen

    Check out the café upstairs. You won't be disappointed. Good food, cheap prices.
  • Samuel Robles Jr.

    Knowing where the "shortcuts" are can help save time.
  • sheana h

    Ligonberry is the best beverage EVER!
  • Gregory Smith

    Do the map path backwards
  • Jen V

    Swedish Arnold Palmer: Mix 1/2 Lingonberry Juice, 1/2 Pepsi. Taste the awesome! - @jenvargas
  • John Bryan Iadeluca

    Eat in the Cafe' ... Sweedish meatballs rule!
  • Brian Davis

    It's a maze trying to get out of this place...they don't want you to leave!
  • Clinton™

    Drift with the carts. Kids love it!
  • Raybear Chipok

    Best place to wander around baked ;-)
  • Jim Lynch

    Check out the cool little small sq footage homes. It shows you don't need a lot of space for a cool look. Fresh hot cinnamon rolls at front are great too. Pick up a couple on your way out.
  • Hank Fordham

    Be careful- Ligonberry juice is addictive!
  • Rob Carucci

    Can easily spend hours looking at everything for your house. Very big place. They have a cafe, I didn't eat there but it sure smelled nice.
  • Arjuna

    Worst self checkout experiences every time we shop.
  • Jesi A.

    Look for an awesome TV stand
  • Geoffrey Peace

    Challenge yourself. Consume 50 Meatballs, then walk the entire store without using maps or shortcuts.
  • Sunshine Baker

    Try the Swedish Sampler - Chocolate yumminess !
  • Zulkeira R. Stefchak

    Instead of heading to the gym come here on a crowded day and walk backwards through the store. Calories burned 36,490.
  • Ashlee Haggerty

    Try a cinnamin roll for $1! You'll love them and want to take a 6 pack home for breakfast tomorrow!!
  • Jamey Cicalese

    Free Breakfast Monday Thru Friday 9:30AM to 10AM
  • Suzannah M

    Spend over $150 in home furnishings and get free meals in the restaurant that day! Sweet!
  • Carlos Cruz

    Swedish meatballs are awesome!
  • Shalisa Goodman

    Eat in the cafeteria! Its the best!
  • Cristina T.

    They lowered the price of their Swedish Meatballs again! They're now only $3.99!
  • Antonio Rodriguez

    Keep your receipt or you will not be avail to return anything back, and if you do, it will be very stressful.
  • Claudia Sanford365

    Weekends are crazy! Best time for browsing is in the morning. I prefer Mondays & Tuesdays, that's when they also have free breakfast! My tip: browse online and print out your shopping list :)
  • Jessi Buckeye

    No monkeys wearing coats. Disappointing but a good store.
  • Steven Beckham

    Remember! This is self-service.
  • Central Florida Top 5

    Love IKEA?! Follow @IKEAOrlando and also #IKEACataLOVE ... trust us! More soon! #CenFLBuzz
  • Amanda Fagan

    Here's what you do: make a list before you come, use the IKEA app to quickly find what you need (it even tells you how many are in stock), and leave the kids at home! This is the big leagues, folks.
  • Patrick Mcfadden

    Too many damn foreigners

    These folks can take any amount of square footage and completely decorate it with impeccable taste.
  • John Dean

    Give yourself some time. This place is huge.
  • lucy miller

    This once is amazing. I'd you want to decorate your place, this is the place u should go
  • Tim Marshall

    Got all our office furniture here.
  • Devin Dominguez

    Remember that other people exist when shopping. Nothing spoils an IKEA visit more than selfish people stopping in the flow of traffic. If you have a kid, leave it at the supervised play area, please.
  • Trish Halvorsen

    The meatballs are good. Also the cinnamon rolls are very yummy! And $1 frozen yogurt cones at the end! A nice treat for all the walking you do.
  • Micaela H

    Unless you want to be held up by a ton of families with wild, rude kids then I suggest you shop during the week
  • Lisa K

    Shop during the week. No crowd.
  • Marques Robinson

    Play Hide and Seek.
  • Sean Hatcher

    If you spend $100 you can eat for free! Yay free meatballs!!!
  • ?yan Frazier

  • Jeanessa Garcia

    Good food, cheap prices.... a maze of great taste in decoration. Is like walking in to different houses. LOVE IT!
  • Steve W.

    Friday fish and chips $1.99!!!!! Wow!!!
  • Marie Pitts

    I love IKEA because it's affordable and of reasonable quality for the price. They keep the store fresh with design ideas. The cafeteria is a must. Their food doesn't disappoint.
  • Joe Bee

    Cheap furniture, looks nice till it breaks...... Its all CRAP!!
  • Ashlyn Williams

    Now is a great time to get an umbrella. With the Family card it is only $2.99 and that is cheaper than most stores
  • Rene Agcaoili

    Try the Swedish meatball combo and pair it with the Chocolate Cake!!!
  • E C

    Keep an eye out for the shortcuts. They can keep you on target and on time.
  • Bill Marienau

    It's IKEA. It's Swedish. The music system should play the Hives, not Lady GaGa.
  • Alex Sinclaire

    Move into a smaller place then buy everything!
  • Mariana Martin

    Awesome place to shop
  • Matt Yancey

    Try some of the cookies!!! Mmmmmm
  • Chaz

    The food is surprisingly not bad. Definitely good people watching from the cafe windows
  • Ultraman

    AVOID this location on the weekends unless you enjoy long lines and OVERCROWDING!
  • Ralph Goicouria

    No one will help you and they physically won't let you leave without walking around the entire store.
  • Carl D

    Try the Baby Back Ribs - Be sure to use your free Ikea Family membership card for a discount on the ribs.I really like the crispness of the fries.
  • Fabian Vazquez

    Excellent Prices
  • Charles Kerr

    Smaller than some of the other Ikea's, like the one in Sunrise. Friendly staff; cashiers could be nicer though.
  • Richard Horton

  • Kelli Grace Ryan

    bring your own bags, or you have to pay for theirs! not like you'll mind though, because you'll be saving $686982340459 shopping there.
  • Andrew Steffy

    Swedish Balls!!
  • Liz Dauer

    Don't use their assembly and delivery service!!! Lost our product, lied about it, & then didn't charge us correctly for assembly and mounting so they wouldn't do it at all. Customer care was a joke!
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

  • Louie de Pasion

    Free breakfast everyday between 9am - 1030 am
  • Thomas

    They never have enough checkout lanes open... Takes forever!
  • Penny Niemann

    I like the hybrid parking
  • Cliff Cagle

    Don't visit on the weekend. Try the salmon.
  • May Day

    Heaven is IKEA!
  • Derrick Givens

    Horse balls are delicious!
  • Vicki Hollingsworth

    make sure you have your IKEA rewards card, you cannot use your phone number or email.
  • Jimmy Denfield

    They have dope ass lamps.
  • IKEA Orlando

    HALLOWEEN - we will have activities for the kiddies! Children dressed in costume will eat for free in our restaurant. Details: http://ow.ly/etR91
  • Ana Acosta

    Best accesories and art for your house!!
  • Eric Preusler

    Try the Swedish Meatballs - Must have!
  • Cyril Matthews

    Make a Bjorn Palmer - mix the Lingonberry soda with ice tea - skoal!
  • Samantha Johnson

    Swedish meatballs are a must have!
  • IKEA Orlando

    Do you have a free IKEA FAMILY member card? Click here to sign up for one & save on select items each month - http://ow.ly/bcsen.
  • Pookie :)

    The Princess Cake at the upstairs restaurant is BLISS!!! and priced at $2 or less, well worth it!
  • Nancy Gibbons

    Make sure you double check your stuff. Staff not helpful.
  • Arnaldo Dopazo Antonio José

  • Anabella Parmi

    Try the Traditional Meatballs
  • Tyna LaPlace

    Getting a couple items to SPICE up the house! ;-)
  • Kemary C

    Valentine's Buffet Dinner Tues 02/14/12 6-8p. $9.99 per person. 12 and under $2.49.
  • Chris G

    Get the IKEA Family Card, all sorts of discounts, on everything from furniture to food.
  • Norman Vossschulte

    Kids eat free on Tuesdays
  • Sarah Crow

    Mmmmm good is great!
  • JOhn Lowe

    far away it an other land.
  • Alyx K

    50 cent hot dogs.
  • Social Stepheny

    Great place to shop w/kids! Drop them off at the day care here and shop!
  • Louis Daniels

    They have great drawer organizers for $3!
  • Adam Kaczmarek

    Every time I'm here I find something I didn't know I needed.
  • Outlaws 161

    All the furniture is great and the food isn't that bad either
  • John Belland

    Have a friend stand in the checkout line while you shop by the time you are done he will be near the front of the line.
  • Christopher M

    If you forget your Ikea Family card, you can print a temporary pass at any of the kiosks scattered about the store.
  • Brian Mills

    A lot of good storage and organizing ideas here. Pretty good pricing, but gets expensive because you buy so much
  • Taylor Whitaker

    Storage units.
  • Brian Ainsworth

    Try the meatballs!!!
  • Natalia Yael

    Some days if you spend over $100 you can get whatever you want at the restaurant free (including chocolates and things sold in there!) and they discount it from your purchase later at checkout!
  • Kelly Pino

    Terrible pizza terrible soda
  • Jaysun D

    I like that 90 percent of the comments are about the meatballs because everything else about this place sucks! The DMV is a faster wait then doing a return.
  • tofuNerd

    They don't have bags to carry out your purchases so bring your own or purchase a blue, plastic reusable IKEA bag (59 cents each)!
  • Amy Evans

    Omhgyyuiyrwwjjjkkooplludsqqepi#kkllpppowhjollpltpoi. Zachghbh#pqljkcsam??
  • Becki Blenker

    If you're planning on spending at least $100, then eat add much as tout want upstairs FIRST. They will take your food bill off of your shopping total.
  • Leah Smith

    Searching for my 10000 giftcard...lolol.
  • Central Florida Top 5

    March 8th= #IKEABYOF RSVP @ http://centralfloridatop5.com/2014/02/09/ikea-fans-and-their-friends-will-enjoy-free-food-gift-card-giveaways-discounts-ikeabyof/
  • Danger Brain

    Need to build a house out of found materials and can't make more than one stop? There's no better place than IKEA.
  • Manuel Fuentes

    Don't get lost!
  • Ellen Carvalho

    Muito bom...coisas bem mais baratas que no Brasil... porém o Ikea da Suíça é melhor por ter mais variedade.
  • Maisie Santiago

    Best way 2 shop w/kids..... W/o them!!! Drop of them off at Kamp
  • Patrick Mcfadden

    I love parking my Dodge Charger in the hybrid car parking spot. Up.close parking!
  • Fabio

    I should got sweedish classes before i came here...... Toigh language
  • Ciarán Nolan

    Free breakfast between 9.30am and 10am
  • Jeremy Plumley

    So much more civilized compared to the one in Bucharest!
  • Marie Hamilton

    This has got to be the worst ikea I've ever been to. Cafeteria was very dirty and I was there first thing in the morning. Not enough staff around to help. Smaller than the other ones I've been to.
  • Joshua Logan

    Make sure you know you want to buy something before you buy it. I just waited 40 minutes in a poorly air-conditioned room waiting to return something.
  • Kelly Marrs

    Awesome and helpful employees like shopping there
  • Andy Jessopp

    Make the AsIs section the first and last place you visit
  • Brooke Morton

    Check all sides of every piece. Make sure included hardware is there. Bought a piece and one corner is cracked. It's a good reminder to be thorough. Take your time when in the store!
  • Sam Kauffman

    Join Ikea Family to get coffee free ALL THE TIME not just during free breakfast
  • Gloria April

    Leave the screamers at home and your I disciplined kids with baby sitter
  • John Munera

    The horsemeat meatballs are day bomb.
  • Michael-James Murray

    This place is worse than the Costco in Altamonte Springs. People are rude and they lets their kids run wild for others to deal with.
  • Jonathan Davila

    I'm going to make t-shirts with "FML" on them and wear then exclusively when I come here.
  • Bobby K

    It's closed
  • IKEA

    Do you have plans for Valentine's Day? We'd love for you to Be Our Valentine! http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/orlando/restaurant
  • Harmoni-Lee Marzo

    Its like a mission just to get to checkout!
  • Jim

    It's a LARGE store.
  • Melissa Roth

    Avoid cashier Joey. Worst customer service possible! Good meatballs though.
  • Erika Demeny

    No straws at the food court.
  • IKEA Orlando

    Tweeters, take your mark. Get set. GO! Join our #RaceTo5k. Be entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 IKEA gift cards. -- Follow then tweet, "I follow @IKEAOrlando. #RaceTo5K"
  • Lindsay Foucht

    Absolutely ridiculous that you can't just go straight to the warehouse without a 20 min walk thru the maze of dust collectors.
  • Dustin Treadway

    Don't forget....Bass Pro is down the street!
  • Jessi W

    They removed the self checkouts which sucks bc you have to wait in long lines to checkout. At least with self checkouts u could bypass the clueless tourists and get your items purchased quickly.
  • Jeff

    Free Breakfast Monday!
  • E C

    Cheapest breakfast ever! $3!!!
  • Cavale Fnord

    This place has gone downhill. Lots of things on display in the marketplace that try don't have in stock.
  • N3lly

    Not enough employees at the Returns/Exchange counter. Take a # and have a seat!! Grrrrrrrrrr
  • Scott Herrick

    Per shop online. Enter through exit. Type part number In kiosk rooms aisle and bin. Avoid the crowds and upstairs all together !
  • Christian Rosario

    Avoid going #2 in the model bathrooms as they aren't functional. There's no warning & you can get into lots of trouble!!!
  • Anna Tedeschi

    Flirt with the guy workers and they will help you half build your furniture. Ohh and the the floor manager is a biatch!
  • Abra <3

    Every time we go I get the stuffed salmon. Delicious!
  • Scott Adcox

    Showed up early on New Year's Day for free breakfast.