Safe Words Toastmasters

Group Description

Safe Words is a Toastmasters club for those who are involved in, or friends of someone involved in, an alternative lifestyle. We are open to all manner of alternative lifestyles and recognize that in this often close-minded world, we need to communicate well in order to be understood.

At Safe Words, you will become a part of a supportive group of people in Orlando who share a common desire: to improve communication and leadership skills through practice, peer feedback and objective evaluation. Youíll also become part of a worldwide organization dedicated to supporting members and constantly improving the Toastmasters experience.

Safe Words Toastmasters welcomes your visit. You may attend as a guest for as long as you wish. If you choose to join, there is a one time cost of $20 for the manuals, and the dues are a modest $41 per 6-month period. 

If you wish to participate in the Table Topics portion of a meeting, you may be called upon to talk extemporaneously for one minute. You will hear prepared speeches by Toastmasters at various stages on their journey and constructive evaluations of their strengths, plus areas in need of improvement. Members learn leadership skills by conducting meetings and filling various roles. 

You will be given a guest kit with lots of information. Guests are typically seated with someone to explain what's going on during the meeting. All new members are assigned an experienced mentor to guide them with their speeches and leadership activities. You'll meet dynamic people who support each others goals. 

Meetings are held from 7:00 until 9:00 PM on the second and fourth Thursday at The Ninth Circle in Orlando. Please call or write if you have questions. We are all looking forward to meeting you. 

(407) 304-6891